Modern Makeover:

Remember a few posts ago I mentioned my finger were covered in paint…well I’m excited to show you why!! This last week I’ve worked on transforming my grandma’s antique hutch. Each day I devoted a few hours to this project, giving it a fresh coat of paint and a more modern touch by stenciling a quatrefoil design to the back! Once it was finished I was even more excited to fill the shelves with accessories and a few of my favorite things. Hope you enjoy how this project turned out as much as I do, here is a look at the difference the paint and stenciling made.


Light up your life!!

or at least your hallway..in this case! Hi everybody, I’m Peter...the guy Laura has been talking about :) Today I want to share a project we worked on this past weekend that is practically free if you have a little imagination and a few old light fixtures lying around.


Inspiring Design : Barbara Purdy

Right now my fingers are coated in paint and I'm in the middle of my latest project (excited to post about that soon!!) but I wanted to take a break to share some truly inspiring design. This past Monday Peter texted me to say he had just seen a show with a house he really liked! The program was Steven and Chris, and on this particular episode they featured Barbara Purdy, an interior designer dedicated to creating stylish, comfortable interiors! 


Photo Frame Re-do!

In our last house I really had a thing for red, especially in our kitchen. I had a change of heart though and decided to make the decor fresh and bright using shades of blue, cream, yellow, brown and green. I lOve the look we have in our home now but still have a few items from our previous style. One of them was this chunky Hobby Lobby picture frame, when I bought it it was just the thing for the color scheme we had going on but I've been wanting to change it for a long time so yesterday, I did! 


Ikea Style: Basket Planter!!

(images of Kalasa plant pot from Ikea website!!)

Last weekend Peter and I went across the border to our friendly neighbors in Canada and made our very first trip to...IKEA!!! (our nearest store is in Burlington, ON only a short hour and a half drive from our house) We were just bursting with excitement before we even made it through the door! I couldn't get enough of all their great home decor pieces, the aMazing showroom displays, and their even better prices...totally coulda stayed there allll day!! :) After a lot of looking we narrowed down all the items we loved and decided on just a few things we had to bring back with us. One piece we did end up passing on was a basket planter. It was sUper cute and the perfect thing for our Yucca plant (that we lovingly named Burt!) buut as soon as we saw it I knew we didn't even need to spend the $14.99 because we could make our own!!


The Perfect Place for a Bookcase!!!

We have a new addition here at Lower Mountain, and I'm soOo excited to show all of you!! If ya had a chance to read my recent post on our Reading Room Inspiration Board then this will look familiar :) hehe I was able to pick up the Brenton Studio Vertical Cube Bookcase for a steal at $80 this past week! It was the display model and after some bargaining I got it for an additional 20% off the already clearanced price! Initially I intended for it to go in our Reading Room, but the other day I came home to find Peter had rearranged our living room, and tried it out there instead and I absolutely lOve it!! 


Valentine's Day Vignette!!

Yayy!!! Valentine's Day is just around the corner, the stores are filled with cards and candy and if you stopped by our house you'd find one of our little shelves decked in a full out holiday display :) hehe I had soOo much fun putting this together last night, sorting through all my valentine's scrapbook paper and items in pink and red to create my first Valentine's day vignette! Yep, it's true I've never really decorated for this holiday before, but now that I have I think I always will, every time I look over at the little shelf it just makes me happy...hehe