Valentine's Day Vignette!!

Yayy!!! Valentine's Day is just around the corner, the stores are filled with cards and candy and if you stopped by our house you'd find one of our little shelves decked in a full out holiday display :) hehe I had soOo much fun putting this together last night, sorting through all my valentine's scrapbook paper and items in pink and red to create my first Valentine's day vignette! Yep, it's true I've never really decorated for this holiday before, but now that I have I think I always will, every time I look over at the little shelf it just makes me happy...hehe 

Speaking of that little shelf, it was a sweet find that Peter brought home for me one day after going to the thrift store...the bEst part is he picked it up for only ten dollars! I lOve the "mantel" style the top shelf has and the cute detail of the little drawers at the bottom...it was just the perfect piece for my Valentine's Day display! After creating my own "specimen" heart art and adding some pretty pink papers behind the glass of my old window pane I spent the better part of the evening, arranging and rearranging, almost every item just to find the look I was going for. 

One of the other things I changed was an old framed print, although the pink floral picture would have gone with the color scheme it just didn't quite compliment the design I had in mind with this theme. I just loved the frame though so I simply make a quick change and it made a big difference! I pulled out a Valentine's gift bag leftover from last year (a really cute pattern from Hallmark) and since it was a bit wrinkled I figured it wouldn't get used again so I just found a smooth section and cut out a square to fit the opening of my frame. Once I slid it over the glass (the old print is backed and I didn't want to ruin it by removing the other picture so I just put it on top) I immediately lOved the look it created and how it pulled together all the colors with its bold pattern! Just wanted to share quick tip it really is an easy idea anyone can use to get some free or at least inexpensive art...look for gift bags in graphic prints or cute patterns and use them as pieces to fill your frames!! I know I will again, I love this one so much I just might leave it up all year..hehe 

Hope you are enjoying preparing for this Valentine's Day, I know I did!! It just makes me smile to look across our living room and see that display all ready for Valentine's day. The bright pinks and reds just add soOo much color to that side of the room and make it festive in a really pretty way. I just wish there was more time to enjoy it..hehe I'll have to get going on my display sooner next year! hehe How have you gotten ready for Valentine's day 2012? Are you doing something special for your sweetheart or making your home ready for the holiday in any other fun ways? Please share your thoughts and ideas in a comment below :) And from us here at Lower Mountain to all of you, have a Happy Valentine's day!

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