The Perfect Place for a Bookcase!!!

We have a new addition here at Lower Mountain, and I'm soOo excited to show all of you!! If ya had a chance to read my recent post on our Reading Room Inspiration Board then this will look familiar :) hehe I was able to pick up the Brenton Studio Vertical Cube Bookcase for a steal at $80 this past week! It was the display model and after some bargaining I got it for an additional 20% off the already clearanced price! Initially I intended for it to go in our Reading Room, but the other day I came home to find Peter had rearranged our living room, and tried it out there instead and I absolutely lOve it!! 

The bookcase really does work well in this little nook we have, it's cut into the wall near the entrance to our kitchen. We had first thought our small tv console would be best there but after living with it for a while it just wasn't right! Now with that on a different wall, and the nook open, Peter thought this was the perfect place to bring some height into the space. By adding in the bookcase its filled that area of the room and provides a lovely little display. I just wanted to share what I used to fill each shelf and give you a glimpse of another side of our living room...read on and enjoy! hehe 
I'm happy to say I didn't purchase any thing for these little vignettes, I just simply "shopped" around the house and found pieces that worked well together. I may need to keep an eye out for deals on other items to swap out eventually, seeing as I stole from our rooms that are now lacking a few decorative elements..hehe It was worth it though because I really lOve the interest it creates on that side of the living room and how it carries the color scheme throughout the entire space! 
First, I sorted through my small collection of books and pulled out ones that coordinated with the colors  in this room - shades of green, blue, cream, and brown. I gathered together those with a similar scheme and moved on to the accessories! I chose to frame an art postcard with colors that matched and placed it in a silver frame to add a little metallic touch. Another metal accent is added in the silver antique fan and the old gym locker basket (I stole from my pantry..hehe) I borrowed my little birds and candle from our bedroom and also rifled through the kitchen cupboard above our stove, (where I store all my extra candles and vessels) and found my grandma's teal McCoy vase. I've always treasured this piece and lOve how it goes perfectly with the other elements in the room, it makes the space even more special having this sentimental piece on display. On other shelves I added the "follow your heart" pallet art and just let the books lean against it as well as a framed picture of Peter as a little boy with his mom (aww!!!!) a top a vintage box. I wanted the whole display to seem effortless but at the same time pulled together, tying in not only the colors of the room but the casual comfortable feel we're trying to capture in here. 
I lOve how these simple vignettes create easy ways to share mementos and memories in your home. Gathering a collection of your favorite books, decor accents and photos allow others to get a glimpse of what you love all in one place. It doesn't have to cost anything either, by using what you have and displaying pieces that have sentimental value the entire display will mean that much more and be something to cherish each time you look at it too! I couldn't be happier with the little nook now and the way our bookcase fills the corner, making it more functional and creating a beautiful space to enjoy!  

Have you done different arrangements in your home, or found creative ways to fill the shelves throughout your space? Please share your ideas...and some love...in a comment below :) 

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  1. Hi! Visiting from tt&j. Love your bookcase.. its very nice! And the vignettes that you used are perfect. I would be super excited about something this perfect too!

    Im going to poke around your site some more.. if you get a chance I would love for you to share this at my Friday link party :)

  2. Hi...I noticed your kitchen in the background ... I have been thinking about getting new marble counter tops. I heard on a tv show that if you have dark cabinets you must go with a lighter color marble. I do have darker cabinets than you do however, i dont want to go to light with the counter tops. I like the color of yours I should probly go lighter tho what do you think?

  3. Hello! I would lOve to see your kitchen and get a better idea of the space you're working with if you'd like to share one in an email :) Marble countertops really create a striking look in the heart of the home and I think it's just a matter of finding a style that suits you and what you are going for. The color granite we have is Baltic Brown but after researching on Pinterest and Google I have come across several examples of that being paired with darker cabinets and it looks great! If you have a lot of natural light in the room too it will balance out the color of your cabinetry and countertop choice, and that will really make it a warm and inviting place to be!! hehe I always believe it is better to go with a look that you love, that captures your style and gives a room personality. I'd be happy to share some of the examples I found and talk about it more if you'd like. It's so exciting making a space your own and I'd love to get a better idea of what you have in your home :)