Master Bedroom Reveal

Today, I thought I’d give all of you a glimpse into one of our favorite and “finished” rooms of the house! (Although we know no room is ever actually finished…hehe ) I absolutely lOve our master bedroom. It is such a retreat after a long day and the calming color scheme really brings the outdoors in. One of the things that achieve that is our comforter. It not only serves as the focal point of the room, but the pops of green throughout the pattern really reflect the colors found in nature. I just love walking in and seeing the cheerful poppy print and getting to enjoy the gorgeous view right outside our window - all in the same room!!!

Let me just tell you a little bit about our comforter. It wasn’t until we had probably tried five others, literally, that we found this one. Not to say we didn’t like the others, we did at the store, but once they were in the room either the color wasn’t quite right or it just didn’t feel like “us.” We wanted something in this space that we’d both lOve and that could capture our style as a couple. Now here’s a quick story, about a year ago I spot this exact Martha Stewart comforter at Macy’s and even went as far as bringing it home, with coordinating pillows, coverlet…the whole shebang! Only to consider it might be too feminine with the floral pattern for Peter’s taste and took it back before I even showed it to him – ha! Well, fast forward to about a month before our move and Peter calls me from the mall; our conversation went something like this :

Peter: Laur! Guess what…I’m at Macy’s and found a Martha Stewart comforter I think we’ll really like.
Me: oOohh  no way!!! What’s it look like?

Peter: It’s grey and green with flowers, called Poppy Floral.

( Me thinking it was definitely the one I got before…hehe)

Peter: And the best part it is, it was regular over two hundred dollars and now its half off on clearance!!!

So it turns out that was thee oNly one left and it was a queen!! How perfect is that right?? well it gets better!!!! Peter called back a few minutes later exclaiming he just saw a sign that says all clearance is an additional 40% off!! After he was all rang out with yet another discount from the cashier it came to a grand total of $43!! Yep, you read that right. Peter was thrilled and had a feeling all the other ladies behind him were just a bit jealous that he had scored this aMazing deal. I could not have been more excited when he got it home only to find it was indeed the comforter I had been secretly eyeing whenever we went to Macy’s bedding department at the mall..hehe it was definitely meant to be :)

(image from Macy's Martha Stewart Poppy Floral bedding)

We’re really happy with the bold pattern and that the print has more of a graphic design than a floral feel- so its actually not too girly for Peter…hehe It was fun deciding on the other elements in the room too. We chose silver and glass accents to give the space a “glamorous” finish and black furnishing to really ground the room, without overwhelming it. 

We are just ecstatic with the results of our Master bedroom and look forward to continue making it even better, with lOts of ideas for future projects too!! Hope you got some ideas for how to use bright colors and bold patterns in a way that still creates a calm, relaxing place.  

Have you redone your bedroom recently? Share your spaces in a comment below :) 

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  1. looks great! The green is a nice touch!

  2. What a sweet bedroom. I love all the detail, especially the green.

  3. Looks very nice...and relaxing!

  4. So bright and fresh! Looks great!


  5. Beautiful~ your room is lovely! Thanks for linking up at Feathered Nest Friday!