Sneak Peek:

Peter and I have been busy these last few days here at Lower Mountain and I’m excited to show you what we’ve been up to!!! First, we’ve begun a makeover of what we imagine being our office/guest room/reading room, it will be a warm, relaxing space for anyone in the house to enjoy :) Can’t wAit to reveal the final look when all the details come together...but until then we’re happy to give you a sneak peek at what the room looked like before we started and some of the progress we’ve made...hehe

After clearing out the room…and removing all the little sticky hooks, (its weird, the previous owner was sEriously obsessed with them..we keep finding 'em alllll over the house!!) we secured our plastic drop cloth with handy dandy masking tape. It's actually held up surprisingly well so far and we didn't have to waste any of our painter’s tape :) hehe Then we grabbed our brushes and rollers and got to work! We used Glidden’s Gripper primer, which was recommended to adhere best to un-sanded, shiny surfaces...like our lovely paneling!! Take a look at what a difference it makes even having that covering the walls compared to the dark wood. I lOve it already…hehe

The other exciting project we have going on is our guest-bath makeover!! It’s the beginning of a total remodel…eventually we plan to replace the vanity and flooring but for now we’re doing a more affordable portion of the project :) I don’t have any “progress” photos to share yet since we’re right in the middle of everything, but these pictures we’ll give you an idea of where we started and the potential this small space has!!! 

Doesn't look too bad right...welll wAit 'til you see what it's like when we're done with it :) hehe We have some big ideas, and lOts of little details, that will make all the difference! 

I can not wait to share both of these aMazing transformations as we make more progress in each room :) I have a vision in my head of how absolutely delightful...yess, delightful...it will be and I know you'll be thrilled when you how everything turns out!! hehe Check back soon. We have soOo much going on here at Lower Mountain and I couldn't be more excited to share our tips and tricks along the way as we continue creating spaces we lOve and turning this house into our home. 

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