Photo Frame Re-do!

In our last house I really had a thing for red, especially in our kitchen. I had a change of heart though and decided to make the decor fresh and bright using shades of blue, cream, yellow, brown and green. I lOve the look we have in our home now but still have a few items from our previous style. One of them was this chunky Hobby Lobby picture frame, when I bought it it was just the thing for the color scheme we had going on but I've been wanting to change it for a long time so yesterday, I did! 

First, I sorted through all of my scrapbook paper and found this great damask pattern that coordinated pErfectly with the pillows and colors in our living room. It really is what inspired me to redo this frame and take a risk to give it a dramatic change. I started by priming over the red with Glidden's Gripper primer and after letting the thin coat dry I painted the edges with Martha Stewart's Driftwood Gray. I loved this color  as soon as I started brushing it on because it was almost an exact match to the background of the paper I chose to cover the frame with! 
Once it dried I was ready to adhere the paper to the front of the frame using 3-M adhesive sheets. I trimmed it to fit and cut a hole for the photo window and laid it on  the frame, after pressing out the air bubbles it was ready for the paper to be applied. I aligned the sheet over top, smoothing it from the center outward, and folded it over to cover the edges of the photo window. After that I replaced the glass and found one of my favorite pictures of Peter and I and the frame was ready for display!
I lOve the new look of our photo frame and am soo excited to find just the right place for it in our living room! This technique really would work well for any frame with a smooth surface and could be created to coordinate with your personal decor too depending on what paper you choose to cover it with. Hope you enjoy this project and have fun giving it a try in your home!! 

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  1. Oh wow this turned out great! I love the new frame :)

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