Inspiring Design : Barbara Purdy

Right now my fingers are coated in paint and I'm in the middle of my latest project (excited to post about that soon!!) but I wanted to take a break to share some truly inspiring design. This past Monday Peter texted me to say he had just seen a show with a house he really liked! The program was Steven and Chris, and on this particular episode they featured Barbara Purdy, an interior designer dedicated to creating stylish, comfortable interiors! 

That evening after work Peter could not say enough about her and the rooms he saw. It was really great to hear how truly excited he was about them and I could nOt wait to look her up and see just what he couldn't stop talking about!! Peter told me she focused on modern design but made it more livable by mixing it with rustic pieces and that take on this contemporary style was something he could really see us doing in our home :) If you're new to Purdy's work like we are then I'm sure you'll enjoy all the ideas you can get from her style. I just wanted to share some of our favorite spaces that she's done, hope you find them as inspiring as we have!
I lOve the modern patterns together with the vintage, rustic elements! It's exactly the look we're going for in our house. Just can't get enough of how Barbara warms up the space with the pine ceilings against the painted slat walls, really adding details that give the rooms a cozy, inviting feel. Wouldn't you love to just curl up under that adorable comforter, with a good book and cup of tea! I would...hehe

This dining room in Purdy's Hillhurst porfolio is a space Peter was really impressed with. The graphic area rug really spoke to his love for more modern design. The other elements in the room better compliment my taste, with the frames clustered on the gallery wall and the simple accessories. It's exciting to see how seamlessly these two design ideas come together and really work in the room!
These spaces are such aMazing inspiration for our home...and yours! I love the contemporary pieces and the how they're combined in a way that is truly inviting, stylish and comfortable. These designs really reflects the look Peter and I hope to create in our home, a blended style of "vintage meets modern." Seeing it so beautifully displayed in Purdy's work only further confirms that these elements do work together and can be paired perfectly to achieve a space that is not only ascetically pleasing but a room that real life can be enjoyed in! Hope you lOve Barbara Purdy and her wonderful rooms as much as we do here at Lower Mountain, I'll definitely be referring back to these as we tackle our spaces! If you'd like to view her full portfolio and see more images like these I've shared visit her website at www.barbarapurdydesign.com!
Do you have a favorite designer or style that has inspired your home? Please share in a comment below so we can all enjoy some more creative examples!

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  1. Beautiful rooms! I LOVE the yellow and blue striped bedding!

  2. Thanks for sharing your vintage modern inspiration. I'd love to achieve that in my own home as well. Modern vintage perfectly describes my style.

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